Besseling, gas tight connections

Besseling Group is known worldwide as the expert in the field of Controlled Atmosphere (CA) applications. The company produces CO2 adsorbers, nitrogen generators, ethylene converters and various other equipment to preserve fruits and vegetables as long as possible. In addition, Besseling Group is active in the disinfestation by low oxygen and oxygen reduction in high-bay warehouses.

Gas tightness is a must for all these applications! The smallest opening in a storage room leads to undesirable costs while maintaining the atmospheric conditions in that space. Cables and tubes are an important source of leakages and should be lead through the walls/ceiling with proper cable/tube connections. However, cable and tubes come in various sizes and can then also contract or expand due to temperature differences.

Our solutions consist of various types of gas- and watertight passages of cables, pipes and / or conduits through walls of, among other things, cooling rooms, CA / ULO rooms and climate chambers. But also foundations, high-bay cold stores, silos, processing rooms, etc

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