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Coldroom protection

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Coldroom protection

During the storage season a cold room is constantly subjected to changing circumstances which can directly affect the atmospheric conditions in your cold store. Besseling provides well-considered solutions for optimum protection.

Our range is geared to practical experience and comprises all the components required, designed for years of trouble-free operation. After all, good CA/DCA storage demands the best quality in cold store protection and accessories.

● Air buffers / breather bags Datasheet
● Over-underpressure relief valves Datasheet
● Overpressure relief valves Datasheet
● Transparent over/underpressure relief valves      Datasheet
● Aeration fans Datasheet

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Besseling. Known as the world-wide expert in the field of tailored solutions to create a protective atmosphere. Storing and protecting are two key words to everything Besseling does: giving your produce exactly the care and attention it needs in order to achieve the highest possible returns.

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