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Connectors with plug

The gas tight PSI sealing system is ideal for single passages of pipes and tubes that shrink or expand, for example due to temperature differences. The transit consists of a PVC tube with two flanges and an EPDM plug made out of two identical, semi-circular rubber parts.

Gas tight connectors for pipes and tubes with a diameter of:

● 10 to 29 mm connector 50 mm plug 43,6
● 22 to 50 mm connector 75 mm plug 68,6
● 32 to 74 mm connector 110 mm plug 103,6
● 60 to 92 mm connector 125 mm plug 118,6
● 90 to 125 mm      connector 160 mm      plug 152

The plug is also available in a special Fire Safe version that creates a gas- and watertight, fire-retardant seal for your pipe.

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